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On grief: CS Lewis said somewhere that it isn’t just that his friend died, it’s that the part of him that only his friend could bring out would never be brought out again.

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Make a Shutterfly book for each year and give it to them on their birthday.


Affection is to be shared, never taken.


We all have dark thoughts and moods every once in a while. That’s part of being human. But any sustained ideation or inclination to hurt yourself or someone else is a red flag and needs mental health intervention.

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Book recommendation: “Star Fish” by Lisa Fipps.


Depression can look a lot like a bad attitude. Try reacting to his chronic edginess with “Sounds like you’re in pain. You can come to me about anything, any time.”


Give people the benefit of the doubt. Unless someone gives you a reason not to trust them, assign the best possible motive to their actions.


Pedestrians get hit all the time. Be aware when you’re driving OR walking. Wear reflective gear if walking at night. Stay off your phone when driving OR walking.


Sometimes fear feels like a signal to get out of there, but being uncomfortable in a new situation is totally normal. Practice sitting in that discomfort and you’ll find it gets easier.

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Play this every year between 12-21. https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPd2b593U/

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Send thank you acknowledgemnt for gifts received



My ballet teacher used to punish us by making us sit on the floor and hold our arms up. It hurts! But you learn how to sit with pain. You learn how to endure and how to use your mind to make your muscles really don’t want to do.

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You will never have to hustle for your self-worth. You are worthy of love and respect simply because you exist. Same goes for every other human.


“You will encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.” -Maya Angelou


Don’t use a bad word when you can use a good word.


“Bullies are scared people hiding inside scary people.” -Michelle Obama


A person is only as good as how they treat you when they are angry with you.


Let’s look for examples of bravery.


Best song for a good cry: “And so It Goes” by Billy Joel.

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Take heart. There are lots of terrible things in the world - Poverty, disease, injustice, natural disasters...Thankfully, good FAR outweighs the bad: Love, Faith, Art, friendship, healing, creativity, community, innovation, beauty and renewal to name just a few. Focus on the good. Relish in the countless expressions of goodness. Work hard to preserve, protect, and advance them.


Have the first of many talks about what consent means. Tell them (boys AND girls) that consent needs to be informed, enthusiastic, sober, ongoing and freely given. Stress that, in no uncertain terms, the absence of consent is rape. Discuss the legal, moral and emotional consequences.


Some kids have trouble with learning how to managing their anger and other big feelings. We all do! It’s good to give them grace. But steer clear of those who think mean is cool. You don’t have time for anyone who actually tries to be an a-hole.

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Learn what triggers you. It’s probably just two or three things. Work on your issues

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“Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you see with your own eyes isn’t happening.” -English teacher Read Diary of Anne Frank together.


Netflix “Who Was?” A biography show for kids.


Remember: “C’s get degrees.” Don’t tie yourself in knots over grades.

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Give them marshmallows to suck on when they get a sore throat. Takes away the pain!


Encourage creativity, science and engineering: Make a craft station / work bench for projects. Fill it with all kinds of art supplies, engineering kits, tools, pegboard, etc. Stock safety equipment like goggles and make sure the area has good lighting. Lots of ideas on Pinterest, etc.


“If you don’t know what hurts me, how can you say you love me?” From a story told by Rabbi Levi Yitzhak ....Do you know what causes him pain or anxiety? What he’s afraid of? In an age-appropriate way....Talk about our fears and the things that hurt us. He will see it’s normal to have fear and pain, and he will learn he can come to me with anything that troubles him.