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Guard your health and fitness as if it were your most valuable possession. (It is.)

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Home is where people love you.


Consensual sex requires no persuasion, convincing or begging.

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Appalachian Mountain Club


Jam is an incredible resource of fun learning activities and projects in a safe online environment. Ages 6-16.


Check in on your friends. Even the ones that seem fine.


“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.” - Maya Angelou

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Some relationships (or jobs) are f*cked, and cannot be unf*cked. Release them and move on.


There is so much available to you. This is good and bad. I hope you choose knowledge, beauty, laughter, etc. Guard against getting caught in a loop of destructive $@!#%: hate, drugs, gambling, porn, etc. The world is full of beauty and it’s full of gross sh*t. I hope you choose a life that seeks out beauty.


My worst fear is that I will be unable to reach you when you’re in pain. All I want as a parent, what my whole job boils down to, is to be there when you need me. How can I help you?


Difficult conversations are…difficult. If you have to deliver bad news, don’t beat around the bush but prepare them for what’s coming rather than just blurting it out. “I have some news that’s going to be difficult to hear…” Or “Is this a good time to talk?” Those are just a couple examples, but many more are available. Look it up or ask people who routinely have to give bad news.


Throw leftovers and some cut up veggies in an omelette/ frittata. Cuts down on food waste and saves money.


Explain what “On my honor” means.


On a job interview, mention a high-level educational goal such as MBA or law school. Their estimation of you will go up without them even realizing it. Your offer will be higher. Also follow, up with a brief but we’ll-written (professional) thank you note/email whatever.

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Japanese multiplication (counting lines.)


Surround yourself with people and ideas that inspire you and captivate you. Life is too short for destructive relationships.

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Talk about what patterns of abuse look like. Teach them to recognize red flags like love-bombing, isolating from friends and family, controlling behavior and threats of violence and/or self-harm.

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Enjoy your success but don’t flaunt it.


Watch documentary The Rescue together.


“Love is giving your heart without expectation.” - Dan Fogelman

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Sometimes progress is slow - Keep working. Sometimes change is swift - hang on!


Remember when you’re faced with bullies, jerks and people who say bad things , follow advice from the Obama's: "When they go low we go high."


Spend time with people you admire, in person and biographies, documentaries, novels and movies.

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White privilege doesn’t mean that your life hasn’t been hard, it means that your skin color isn’t one of the things making it harder.


Grandpa never wore a watch. (This was way before cell phones existed.) Still, he always knew what time it was, and he was never, ever late.


People are insecure. Be mindful of fragile egos (we all have them to a degree.) Avoid implying that people aren't doing a good job.


Keep a pair of nail clippers in the car - much better lighting outside. Clipping tiny fingernails is terrifying!



Talk to them about how dangerous it is to buy pills online. Fentanyl is ubiquitous and lethal in small doses. Never never take a pull that wasn’t prescribed or purchased legally.


“We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are. - Prince Harry Or to put it simply, wherever you go, there you are.

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