“Be brave. Be resilient. Be kind. Be grateful.” -Hillary Rodham Clinton


Put together a PowerPoint project outlining addiction: substance, gambling, shopping, hoarding, eating, etc. Have them so the research and put it together. Discuss. Reward its completion with a fun activity or trip.


A wise friend once told me that the kids will do as well as you do. You can’t be a good parent if you’re a miserable person. Do what you need to do to stay healthy and sane.

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A useful opening line in a conversation (personal, parenting or professional) is “What should I know about ...”. It shows you understand you have something to learn, and it makes people feel valued. “What should I know about what’s going on at football practice?”


Check out Travel for Teens for summer travel programs. Let them choose from themes like service, adventure, animal rescue, etc.


Be protective, never be possessive. watch out for your friends’ well-being, their good names, that’s what friends do. But friends don’t try to manipulate someone’s feelings, thoughts or actions.Same goes for romantic relationships.

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“You have to meet people where they are. Sometimes, you have to leave them there.” -Iyanla Vanzant


Take out your aggression on inanimate things, never on people or animals.


Paradoxical Commandments by Kent Keith.


Create tech-free zones and times.

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Keep going. Push yourself. The struggle makes it all the more worth it.

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Behind every behavior is a need.

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I forget who said it but I love it: “I don’t know what I think until I write it down.” Paper and pen. Write. Keep it or burn it whatever you like. Journal or make a list or bullet points or narrative…whatever. Just write.

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Read or listen to The Mountain is You by Brianna Wiest.

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Send thank you acknowledgemnt for gifts received



Read poem “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver. (“...You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves...”)


My ballet teacher used to punish us by making us sit on the floor and hold our arms up. It hurts! But you learn how to sit with pain. You learn how to endure and how to use your mind to make your muscles really don’t want to do.

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No matter how late you are, don’t speed or drive unsafely. It’s not worth someone’s life or limbs.

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“We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are. - Prince Harry Or to put it simply, wherever you go, there you are.

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Offer gifts to the Lord. Maybe it's your school work, or your career, or the kid you raise, or your life in general. Wrap it up and make it a present to the Lord.


Apollo 13 and The Martian Great movies about space, science, engineering, etc. Watch together.


It’s fine, great, to be thrifty. But please don’t be cheap. Hard-earned money should neither be squandered or hoarded. Enjoy your success! But save more than you’re comfortable with. It’s like my running coach used to say: Keep going until you feel like you’re gonna poop your pants, then push yourself to do another mile. Point is, it should hurt a little.

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Book recommendation: “Star Fish” by Lisa Fipps.


“When little people get overwhelmed by big feelings it’s our job to share our calm, not join their chaos.” L.R. Knost

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Ask them “what would it take for you to_____?” (Keep your room clean, stay on top of your homework, feel like you had more control in this situation, etc.) Instead of nagging or lecturing, just ask.


Be present. Don’t turn every conversation into a lesson. They stay in their rooms so much because they feel safe there. They’re tired and stressed out and managing a lot of change.


Physical contact between two people is only fun / appropriate / legal / healthy if both people are into it. If one party objects, demurs or even acts less-than-interested, that’s the ballgame. Stop physical contact immediately. Be kind and respectful at all times.

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Replace “but” with “and.” “I love you but...” Becomes “I love you and that’s why...” etc.


My biggest regret is wasting my energy on people who didn’t think much of me. You can’t make someone love you. It’s a mystery what brings people together. You didn’t do anything wrong, you just need to let go and spend your light on people who bask in it.


“The flower does not dream of the bee. It blossoms